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Building on the best of Books in Browsers and Tools of Change, PageBreak is a community-driven conference focused on sharing the ways that the publishing industry is moving beyond traditional models and embracing emergent technologies, workflows, and processes.

2023: Single-Source Publishing and AI

Our focus for 2023 is on single-source pubslishing and AI. "Single-source publishing" means centralizing your content and editing in a primary text file, and then generating all your required output formats from that primary source of truth. (For more background, here are a couple of posts from our organizers.) One of the most common pieces of feedback that comes up in any discussion of single-source publishing is: how can my organization implement this? At this year's conference, we'll provide practical sessions and workshops to help you understand the requirements of single-source workflows and how you can implement them at your organization. AI adds extra power and complexity to the single-source publishing landscape, and we'll address how it can be incorporated into your workflows.

Join Us in San Francisco

We seek to foster a community of people who are excited about building change together, and willing to try new things.

Whether you're an industry veteran thinking about the future of publishing, an entrepreneur launching your own publishing-related business, a student of publishing and media, or anyone with curiosity, vision, and interest in learning about new ways of interacting on the web, you are welcome at PageBreak 2023.

The two-day in-person event will feature engaging talks and panels, with ample opportunities to network, brainstorm, and socialize in an "unconference" style.

PageBreak is fundamentally focused on sharing our visions for the future, and discussing what’s needed to get us there.


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