PageBreak 2023 Speakers

We’re delighted to offer a sneak peek into our phenomenal line-up of confirmed speakers, each a distinguished expert in their respective field:

  • Thad McIlroy, a seminal publishing analyst and futurist, brings a wealth of experience from his role as the Principal at The Future of Publishing. His passion for publishing startups and innovation will illuminate our understanding of the publishing landscape.
  • Fred Chasen, lead developer of Pagedjs, Fred delves into the intersection of publishing technologies, web standards, and browser rendering, invaluable knowledge for those interested in modern single-source worflows.
  • Karen Lauritsen, as Senior Director of Publishing at the Open Education Network, Karen will explore making beautiful, highly structured, open textbooks in a Single Source Publishing environment.
  • Greg Albers, the Digital Publications Manager at Getty, will present about the Getty’s work with multiformat educational publishing at the Getty using Quire.
  • Ken Brooks, the Founder of Treadwell Media Group and a Member Of The Board Of Advisors at Gutenberg Technology, excels in optimising content creation, production, and distribution processes, key areas for any publisher to master.
  • Paul Shannon, the dynamic Head of Technology and Innovation at eLife, will guide us through the ways AI can be instrumental in preprint selection, a rapidly evolving area in the digital publishing world.
  • Justo Hidalgo, the Director of Artificial Intelligence at Adigital and previously co-founder of the subscription ebook platform 24Symbols, is set to provide practical insights into the integration of AI in the publishing world.
  • Barbara Rühling, as the CEO of Book Sprints, will shed light on harnessing AI to augment collaborative book production processes, offering a unique perspective on efficient book creation.
  • Omo Oaiya, the Chief Strategy Officer at the West and Central African Research and Education Network (WACREN), offers a fresh global perspective through his championing of Single Source Publishing for both books and journals in Nigeria.

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